Monthly Archives: October 2012

Minimal Metrics has formed a strategic partnership with Scalable Informatics, makers of some of the fastest high performance storage subsystems on the planet. While having extensive experience in application optimization and high performance computing system design, Minimal Metrics was lacking the deep experience necessary to solve some of our customers’ unique storage challenges. Enter Joe Landman, CEO and Chief Architect of Scalable Informatics. Joe has over 20 years in the design and optimization of high end storage systems – and that experiences shows brilliantly through Scalable Informatics’ product line. With significant customers in the financial sector, health care, simulation science and high performance computing, Joe and Scalable Informatics have the kind of expertise and reputation our customers have grown to expect. Through this partnership with Joe and his team, Minimal Metrics extends their stellar capabilities into the realm of high performance storage and the robust processing of “Big Data“.

The annual Supercomputing 2012 conference is almost upon us. This year, it will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Philip Mucci will be attending from Sunday November 11th to the morning of Wednesday, November 14th. In addition to wandering the floor, Philip will be meeting with current and prospective clients. Interested in what Minimal Metrics can do for your productivity? Drop us a line and meet Philip at the show – you’ll be glad you did.