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Sadly, Minimal Metrics has been unable to secure development funding for PerfMiner. We apologize to the many interested parties and thank you for your time an support. Should you be interested in seeing the pitch deck, please contact us at i n v e s t at minimal metrics.

Minimal Metrics has signed a contract with Affinity Systems to assist in the optimization and tuning of a streaming data analytics application for the IESO, the Canadian Independent Electricity System Operator. As stated on their website: The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) balances the supply of and demand for electricity in Ontario and then directs its flow across the province’s transmission lines. The IESO works at the heart of Ontario’s power system, connecting all participants − generators that produce electricity, transmitters that send it across the province, retailers that buy and sell it, industries and businesses that use it in large quantities, and local distribution companies that deliver it to people’s homes. Minimal Metrics will assess and optimize the performance of a advanced streaming-data appliance responsible for the processing of millions of smart-meter readings taken constantly across the entire power grid. This appliance, built by Affinity Systems of Ontario, consists of a small…

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LeanFirm consulting specializes in helping municipalities all over the United States re-engineer and optimize their workflows. What’s a workflow in this case? Consider the case of maintaining an optimal sized inventory of spare vehicle parts. It’s not just a matter of when a part is ordered, but when the decision is approved, when the money is available, when the part is actually delivered or how many times per year the part is needed. While the procedure may be long, the decisions made at each stage are rather clear – with each decision being logged in some form or another by the responsible party. But since none of the information is centralized (remember that most municipal governments are working with data systems that were designed in the early 80’s), getting actionable suggestions for improvements is limited to the observations at each point in the chain. How does one develop real-time and…

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