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At Minimal Metrics, we had a fabulous time writing code with our interns this summer. We had 17 applicants from 6 schools. The final two hires were: Leigh Stauffer: Bachelors in CS and Fine Art at Washington and Lee University Keerthi Nallani: MS in CS at University of New Mexico Leigh and Keerthi did a number of things for us this summer, in addition to giving us two nice people to blame when our code didn’t work: Python scripting to process output from performance tools, libpfm and pmu-tools. Making a simple Juana’s Pagodas Volleyball web application out of MongoDB, Node.js, Express and Bootstrap. Designing real time performance data displays using Python, JSON and the amazing D3 toolkit. While we didn’t get through everything we hoped, we all learned a ton in the process. We wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Minimal Metrics is hiring two interns to work on some exciting projects this summer. You will use your coding talent on cutting edge technologies alongside really sharp (and fun) people, and uniquely apply them to rapidly growing markets. Minimal Metrics has projects in retail analytics, media compression and web-data mining, in addition to our staple work in high performance computing (HPC) for a variety of top-tier customers. These positions are “generalists” – you will be responsible for developing a prototype; from specification modification to demonstration. As such, we’d rather you be good at a lot of things rather than great at only one or two. One of those things should be an eye for detail – you like elegance, simplicity and reusability in your designs. You’ll contribute to all aspects of the product development process while experiencing true startup culture. Please send a brief resume and a reference (academic advisor…

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