Thank You Interns: MM’s Summer of Code

Thank You Interns: MM’s Summer of Code

At Minimal Metrics, we had a fabulous time writing code with our interns this summer. We had 17 applicants from 6 schools. The final two hires were:

  • Leigh Stauffer: Bachelors in CS and Fine Art at Washington and Lee University
  • Keerthi Nallani: MS in CS at University of New Mexico

Leigh and Keerthi did a number of things for us this summer, in addition to giving us two nice people to blame when our code didn’t work:

  • Python scripting to process output from performance tools, libpfm and pmu-tools.
  • Making a simple Juana’s Pagodas Volleyball web application out of MongoDB, Node.js, Express and Bootstrap.
  • Designing real time performance data displays using Python, JSON and the amazing D3 toolkit.

While we didn’t get through everything we hoped, we all learned a ton in the process. We wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors!