Monthly Archives: October 2015

Minimal Metrics has partnered with Sandia National Laboratory to build a performance tool for tomorrow’s Exascale-class supercomputers – and to help inform their design. The system has its roots in a prototype first developed by Philip and colleagues at the Parallel Dator Centrum at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden. It is a set of software designed to optimize the entire HPC software and hardware ecosystem of an institution. It is capable of analyzing individual HPC applications and their threads of execution as well as entire workloads, groups, users and multiple disjoint systems. It accomplishes this by integrating the best-of-breed dashboarding and visualization methodologies with state-of-the-art performance data collection. detailed performance metrics from the underlying architecture, including memory bandwidth, memory hierarchy behavior and latencies, vectorization, hardware resource utilization, computational intensity and instruction mix are provided. The system is able to identify issues of on and off-node scaling, including message passing performance, load-imbalance, false-sharing, and…

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Phil, Rahul and Tony will be attending the Supercomputing 2015 show in Austin, TX from Nov 16 to the 19th. Please drop us a line in touch if you’d like to meet. We’ll be presenting at the StartupHPC event, and in the booths of Scalable Informatics and the Innovative Computing Laboratory at the University of Tennessee/NICS. A formal schedule to follow. See you there!