Texas Instruments Renews with Minimal Metrics

Texas Instruments Renews with Minimal Metrics

Texas Instruments has renewed their contract with Minimal Metrics to deliver optimized numerical libraries for their next generation of high-performance microprocessors. The Keystone 2, is a revolutionary new product that integrates four cores of an ARM A15 with 8 cores of the  C6678 DSP on the same die. Offload to the DSPs can be accomplished either through the use of OpenCL or a subset of the OpenMP 4 specification, OpenMPACC.

For this contract, Minimal Metrics will be providing optimized, hybrid, ARM+DSP-accelerated versions of the following libraries. These libraries are critical elements in the middleware of high-performance numerical simulations.

  • FFTW – Fast Fourier transform
  • BLAS/ATLAS – Vector/vector, matrix/vector and matrix/matrix arithmetic
  • LAPACK – Dense library algebra
  • LIBFLAME – Dense linear algebra

Applications are accelerated using new versions of the libraries transparently, without requiring any changes to the source or object code. In this way, HPC applications ported to the ARM gain vast increases in performance by leveraging the power of the digital signal processing engines. This work involves extensive knowledge of the above libraries, tuning of both ARM and DSP code as well as extensive OpenCL optimization.

Minimal Metrics is proud to have Texas Instruments as a partner in delivering high performance solutions. Is your organization struggling to understand or achieve performance? Contact us today.