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Minimal Metrics has teamed up with the authors of ATLAS to bring their ultra high performance implementation of the BLAS or Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines to Texas Instruments‘ next-generation, multi-core, digital signal processing (DSP) platform. BLAS is used throughout the industry to achieve performance on a number of low-level matrix and vector operations. It is best known as the building block of LAPACK; a programming library invented by Dr. Jack Dongarra in the 70’s to solve problems consisting of simultaneous systems of linear equations. Solving such systems are at the core of many uses of high performance computers today, whether it be in the simulation sciences like weather forecasting, aircraft design or car crash simulation or web technologies such as data mining, web analytics and natural language processing. Ti’s new generation of processors, beginning with the 8-core C6678, a.k.a “Shannon” raise the bar on the performance per-watt for both integer…

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